The MOOC includes 5 modules about how to use TBLT for the teaching of a language in order to turn it into an asset for employability and social integration. This learning opportunity will be especially for migrants, yet it will also be open to anyone who is interested in acquiring a flexible technique to teach a language.

The modules of the MOOC are structured as follow:

Module 1 – An Introduction to Non-Formal Approaches to Foster Language Learning – introduction to the principles and the relevance of non-formal methodology within the frame of Task-Based Language Teaching; basic elements of the TBLT methodology; definition and reflection on language awareness. 

Module 2 – Language Teaching and ICT – most common ICT tools useful for language practices to develop more interactive task-based lessons, both online and offline

Module 3 – TBLT Curriculum – comprehensive information on the process of designing a TBLT lesson in a non-formal setting: identifying students’ learning needs and level, setting goals, and planning tasks for teaching languages. 

Module 4 – TBLT in Classes – scenario-based lesson to become familiar with implementation strategies necessary to apply the TBLT method to language classes; role of teachers and learners in TBLT. 

Module 5  – Task-based Assessment in TBLT – how to give constructive feedback; self-reflection on teaching practice. 

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