Interactive maps

The first output of the project is the “Interactive Map of language communities and Skills” which shows the distribution of languages present in the local contexts of the partner countries, and the level of key competences, such as to communicate in the mother tongue and foreign languages, cultural awareness and expression, and digital competences. The maps aim to raise awareness on the potential of Europe’s linguistic diversity and on the key competences’ levels among adults.

Below you find a document which explains how to read the maps, the interactive maps, and the results of the desk research and focus groups in each country. 

The countries presented on the map are the ones that constitute the partners of the project, and these are Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus. For each country of the abovementioned a statistical analysis was done regarding the following topics:

Summary of the desk research (only in English)

Outcomes of the focus groups in each country (only in English)

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